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Due to the complex make-up of essential oils, a blend of three or more essential oils is much more powerful than just one alone. We use synergy to increase the therapeutic effects of essential oils–where one essential oil leaves off, another picks up and continues the healing process.

We offer organic, wildcrafted and biodynamic essential oil blends, creams, balms, salves, mists and hydrosols that work!

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Trauma Healer

From the forest of mystical Mt. Shasta, we offer you wildcrafted Dogwood flowers to support healing. The Dogwood flower is such a powerful and resilient cosmic flower; the body is strong–nothing is let in with its protective lining.

Powerfully present this healer of sorrow and pain to bring one back fully and lovingly to one’s self and to one’s power.

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Awakening to the Feminine Power is unique for each of us. We are letting go of old systems and thought paradigms from the current patriarchal system and recreating personal relationships with the male archetype. Although empowering, this process can be painful and full of emotions like anger, frustration and exhaustion.

Uplift your body, mind and spirit!

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These carefully and lovingly crafted balms, bath oils and blends are made to the specific requirements given by Rudolph Steiner to support not only the harmony and well being of the body, but the spirit as well.

Taking into account the physical and spiritual properties of plants, the minerals, the time of the day and the cosmological aspects influencing such materials at the time of harvest is as important as the emotional state of the one crafting such offerings. It offers a product that is pristine from beginning to end, and a product that has been infused with all the therapeutic properties available.

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