• Rebirth Balm

Rebirth Balm


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This balm offers a wonderful opportunity to begin anew, to calm fears and anxieties of being overwhelmed and to move forward!

1/2 oz jar

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Product Description

This is a delicate, yet powerful synergy present in early spring, Mountain Violets and Lilacs are the first flowers to herald new life in nature. This special and limited edition balm offers us a wonderful opportunity to begin anew, to calm the fears and anxieties produced when feeling overwhelmed and to support us in moving forward and releasing.

Mountain Violets grow in clusters, among many other aromatic violets, usually under large Conifers, and close to the trunk of these powerful trees. Violets wake us up to new life within after the Winter; they are wonderful for the Lymphatic System. Lilacs are some of the most fragrant flowers of Spring and are among my favorites! Swallowtail Butterflies flock to these Lilacs right outside my front door! Also in clusters of many, tiny flowers, Lilacs bring us back to being present within ourselves in a delightful and uplifting manner; feel the original joy of living. Lilacs have also been known to be analgesic, calming & anti-inflammatory.

Our own Beeswax from our happy bees in Mount Shasta  make up the base for the balm.


Lilac (Syringa Lilca)
Mountain Violet (Viola adunca)
Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis)
Coconut (Cocos nucifera)
Vitamin E


Place a SMALL amount with intention on affected areas, as needed. Massage clockwise.


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